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"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught." (Winston Churchill)....Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread. (Richard Wright)....Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet (Stephen Hawking)

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

How do merges work?

If you draw big, it's a bit more complicated documenting them, but it's fun.

I'm first showing you images of the merge bits. You have to make sure they are rhe right way up before merging, of course. I scan A3 on an A4 scanner, so 2 of the (usual) 4 scans are the 'wrong' way up. This is an older scan and I remembered to do a 180° turn on two of them before saving, so they were Ready to go. I had adjusted the contrast on each one - that isn't necessary since you have to Control the merge. The bits shown were ready to scan.

The scan was good, but not perfect, so it had to be trimmed! I also retouched the surrounding white bits since they were not all the same. It#s a lot of work, but the result is more reliable than a photo and you have to edit photos anyway!

Talking of doodling....

... I don't seem to have done much abotu it recently, but I'm starting up again after a creative pause!

Here are some older drawings. I'm going to have a big scan project soon. It's a better way to capture the A3 drawings than fiddling with lighting to get good photos, but they have to be merged. Photohop does it beautifully.
I don't really like all the drawings I finish - some don't get finished at all for that reason. Sometimes I go on and on finding patterns until it all gets so tedious that I stop and reach for some kind of colouring tool. But I really prefer just drawing curvy lines and making them fit together. New drawings will follow a.s.a.p. and I have promisted myself to update this blog every time I have new drawings to add. 

Too many colours!
I forced myself to add this one because I did it without black microns and I don't enjoy drawing without a metal topped black pen to get me going. So this was an experiment I shall not repeat!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

What's happening to 2019?

Help! I've neglected this blog AGAIN and I've done almost no drawing in 2019., but I did some painting - mainly inspired by a visit to Gabriele Müntet's exhibition at Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

Here are one or two of the reproductions I made in a small format to celebrate Münter, but I am not convinced. She churned out up to 5 works a day. I can't say I'm enamoured of all her works or that it's even good painting in every case (sometimes she was dabbling and stopped half way through - or so that's how the works look). I don't don't understand why Abstract Expressionism was invented more or less by painters who really could paint 'properly', but what is proper painting??? The two examples I show here are completed paintings. I don't think Münter ever went back to a painting later. Her works were done mostly on the spur of the moment and when that momnt of drive went, the painting was probably as finished as it every would be.
My small version (oil)!
 The window (Münter's canvas was obling, mine is square!) says quite a lot about Münter and something about me, too. It is not to scale, of course, because the basic shape is different. I used a small canvas I happened to have here and it was not a case of copying the details, but of capturing her feelings as she watched the birds in the snow at breakfast time, which I could almost re-live since it was snowing outside when I started painting and the little birds were coming regularly to pick up some birdfood I had on a tray. There are so many photos of this painting that I'm really not sure about some of the colours. I read in many of her paintings that Münter was intensely lonely, although after some years grieving the ending of her relationship with Kandinsky, she did find a new partner. Kandinsky taught her much of what she knew, allthough he later claimed that he was indebted to her. But he was married in Russia and went back there leaving Münter after what was reportedly a stormy ending to their affair.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

More of the same ...

... not really. I once tried to copy one of my drawings and failed miserably. The reason is probably that I seldom start out with a plan, but just let the drawing grow like topsy until I think it's finished. Sometimes I return to a drawing and decide it is not finished. Other times I return to one and rip it up. These are imporvisations, as usual. The two with pearls on them have been completed with watercolour pencils, while the third incorporates two gel pens (and it is not shaded, so it is not really quite finished and may undergo a few more processes - if so I'll post a before and after for comparison). Shading is important but not obligatory  - it adds depth and perspective - sometimes I rub out all the graphic shading and just leave the drawing 'naked'. I think I went a bit over the top in the one with the green spheres. No matter. The next drawing always draws on the latest experience. By going through all my watercolour pencils I discovered that I have a wonderful selection of colours just waiting to be applied, so I'd better make a start.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

More new A3 drawings

I had to give up the idea of getting an A3 sacanner.

Not only are they very expensive, but they take up a lot of room I don't have, so a Canon A4 had to serve the purpose. Juggling the views of a drawing is quite a challenge. The scan face is not really closed because some of the drawing is stickling out, and you have to turn the page to get half of the image (in 4 parts) or you can try to do a scan in 3 parts. That does not work every time and my old version of Photoshop Elements, which does brilliant merges, does not always like what it gets to merge. So scanning and editting these 7 objects took me close on two hours! Here they are. Sometimes I have spotted an idea and tried to adapt it. Sometimes the drawing just grows and grow and spills over the edges if I don't stop it happening! Sometimes it's a technical necessity to use all the page to design something.At the end of this page I've added an unfinished drawing.
.It's ongoing and I did not really want to draw patterns....