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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Update for C'est la vie

NB I have reopened this blog for logistic reasons. All older posts are available here.

NB I completed my NANOWRIMO novel in good time and it is available here.

BTW: The small images I have offered for reference on my pages are not stolen copyright images, as was insinuated by one lady (who uses them) on facebook. All the names of patterns are given. The idea is to help choose patterns, not teach them! I will be issuing a new edition of this PDF in two formats for your convenience and help to get at those patterns you want to use, but of which you have forgotten the name or have simply forgotten all about. The PDF may lead to you finding new patterns for which you can then get directions either at the official tanglepattern website, or, if the pattern is not included there, at the blog of the pattern's inventor. Quite simple, really. Use a search engine to help you find the respective blog.

I did point out that the ipad/reader format of the patterns is not suitable for printing. In fact, printing is only needed if you are planning to cut the bits up and put them in a box for tombola-like selection (apparently one lady had printed them all and was handing them round for perusal). In theory, you could enlarge any part of the PDF, make screen shots and then print large versions of the little squares, but this may not be satisfactory as the squares have been digitally shrunk in most cases.

I am sorry some people got some or all of this wrong or drew totally false conclusions about my intentions. C'est la vie!