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Monday, 2 December 2013


Challenge 147 was a UMT (use my tangle) + boo-kee task. I never really know what to make of UMT but assume it does not have to be a monotangle and that another of the patterns could (or should?) be my own. I decided not to add colour, as the design seems to need the strong black and white contrast. I used a variation of this week's mandala template by Erin Olsen not just to kill two birds with one stone, but because I thought my tangleation of boo-kee would fit it. The edges are a variation of my spiky cactus border. The  spheres are filled with an abstracted version of a cactus flower. Second thoughts about colour! I've added digitally coloured versions below. It's amazing what colour does, but I haven't decided yet which one I like best!

NB.March 18, 2018 -  I stopped doing these challenges when the blog closed I think it has started up again but I got out of the habit!
mandala with boo-kee and spiky
Below are examples of this mandala on digitally altered backgrounds. 

digitally added blue
digitally added red
digitally added yellow