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Saturday, 1 February 2014


I've posted a couple of drawings here usng the aquafleur pattern. After watching Helen Williams's tutoring video I decided to practise some more and am well on the way to completing another A3 doodle on the topic. Aquafleur is versatile. Helen uses a different technique from Maria Thomas's. Both work! I've been trying a slightly different method that works for me. Here's Helen's video (This is a replacement. I'm not sure why the other video was removed from YouTube - I did download the later version. I also told Helen that it would appear here!)

While watching Helen's video on YouTube direct, my eye caught another video on the same topic,
this time by Ellen Wolters. The method is similar.

 I would have liked to post the original designer's video, too, but I could not find one!

There is a similarity to the techniques involved in drawing celtic knots, ribbons, leaves etc.

It is possible to download YouTube videos and store them. I think this technique is probably more reliable. I may have used it above by the time you visit this blog!!!