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Monday, 3 February 2014

B is for birthday.....

... and BATON (with BAULT, BEADLINES, BETWEED and BULB LANTERN) to keep it company.

Happy birthday and 'the best of British (luck)' with this collection.

It was not hard to decide on a tangle. Though I love all the extravagant ones, with curves, complications and corners, I decided in the end to go for one that crops up in pretty well every larger drawing I make, and has put in appearances in zendalas now and again. It's my very favourite in the filler category (without fillers no doodle can be completed satisfactorily).  
So, dear Erin, here is a filler for you, coming early on in the collection of favourite tangles you are likely to receive and have vowed to use! 

As you can see, the other tangles all start with a B in honour of that special day. The shaded version is one printed from the unshaded line drawing with the addition of green gel pen. It glistens, but unfortunately not when the scanner has finished with it! As you can see, I did not include the bulb lanterns in the coloured version.