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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Poster 3 - A2 sessions and final version

I commented on the string in the previous post. I drew some patterns last night. It took ages and I still have a long way to go! The patterns are abstract, but I can see a head I did not draw deliberately - maybe the drawing should be 90° to the left! But that can all change when more patterns are added. The latest stage will always be posted immediately under this text! Shading or colouring will follow when the patterns are all in.

Final Session
It took me quite a while to add colour to this drawing, mainly because it is big! I tried to scan it in bits, but the bit would not fit together, so here it is as photo and the photo does not do it justice. I think I'll stick to A3 or smaller next time. This doodle is A2 and has to be bent down the middle to fit the folder holding larger drawings. I've added the closeups to complete the task. They were scanned, so they are a bit clearer, but even photoshop could not merge them automatically and although I was careful to scan everything, I gave up trying to match them exactly by hand. Some bits are shadowed. Despite weight on the scan (including mine), I could not avoid that completely.

final version - overall effect

scan of detail 1

scan of detail 2

scan of detail 3

scan of detail 4

scan of detail 5

scan of detail 6

Session 4 and the patterns are almost complete. The second photo shows how big the drawing is.

poster 3 session 4

Session 3 shows the drawing in portrait and landscape positions.

poster 3 - session 3

poster 3 24 - session 3

Session 2 shows only the area that I've worked on.

poster 3 - session 2
Session 1 shows the original string and the patch I worked on first.

poster 3 session 1

the head