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Monday, 7 April 2014

4 of a kind

I set myself a task for the weekend - at least 4 new mandalas. I achieved that, but I have to admit that towards the end I was getting tired of thinking in the round. So this week I'm going to draw another really big doodle, maybe inspired by one of my favourite male doodlers around - there aren't that many of them (well, they don't publicize as much). Look at his website here. I've never tried anything as complicated as his drawings, but I think I'll enjoy the experience. My mandalas look very modest in comparison:

PS This morning I read on one of the most dominant blog that zentangle and zentangle inspired are are not the same, because in zentangle the strings "disappear" under the patterns whereas in zentangle inspired art the strings are heavily outlined. 
I've no idea whether that's a legitimate description, but I know I don't adhere to anything as clear cut. For me, the patterns are the most important. They sometimes spill over a string I have drawn and I certainly don't do  strong outlines to define a string.

I really would like to point out that strings can also be in the mind. I know they are published as official kick-off scribbles for 'official' zentangle drawings (i.e. c. 9x9cm), but that does not make them binding. If a string is in the way, IGNORE IT, and if pencil marks are visible when you have finished drawing, erase them, for goodness' sake.