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Sunday, 20 April 2014

borderline case 01

NB: Scroll down for Challenge 163 in the previous post.

This title is rather a play on words. I was looking at my collection of borders and wondering why I can never think of any at the right moment. I expect that happens to us all now and again with all types of pattern, e.g. you have a splendid empty space and can't think of a different filler, or if, like me this time, you've made a string using 2 pencils together instead of one and you've ended up with lovely ribbons crying out for borders, finding the right pattern gets even more complcated. Part of the problem here was that some of the tracks were too narrow. In the end I got a bit tired of the drawing, so my main aim was then to finish it! It does have a variation of rixty in there somewhere, but since it is similar to other solutions, you may not want to think of mine as rixty. 
I did find one or two original ideas for borders, which I will take up again. One was inspired by the back of a mushroom, where the stalk emerges. That's much more interesting than the smooth top of a mushroom. There are of course lots more fungi to explore. Some look like little trees. All the mushroom shown HERE are apparently edible! I don't think they all look appetizing, however.

new series "borderline case" 01 (A3)

It was quite a shock drawing large format after a few days of 10x10cm doodles, which don't take very long to complete, so I might go back to that format for a restful week, but first I want to work on a drawing to be done over watercolour. I found this unfinished painting this morning and it's ideal for a floral, I think. 

watercolour base (30x30cm = 12x12in)