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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

challenge 163

I have to confess that for the rixty challenge I took an older coloured drawing (see small image below the finished drawing). I had never finished it, not knowing what to do next in the old days. Rixty came to the rescue! I took the colour out, removed the bird border, then printed the drawing original size and carried on from there..

The 10x10cm drawing below emerged after I accidentally ripped a corner of really nice paper, so got my cutter out and rescued the rest of it for little squares. I'm gradually decorating them, sometimes using "borrowed" strings, sometimes not!

Although the rixty pattern consists of angles, it's actually quite floristic, I think. A nice addition to the organic repertoire!

rixty joins the club (A4)

old drawing long BEFORE rixty

a bit more rixty (10x10cm)