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Sunday, 9 April 2017

On track?

It's such a long time since I posted anything here. One of my favourite 'strings' is currently the treble clef. I'm doing one now but will post the three previous ones. F has played out for the oment! Click on an image to see it larger. I need not tell you that these images are copyright!!!!!


 I enjoy doing drawings without colour. I don't know how people have the energy to just colour pages of someone else's designs. I get very bored colouring my own drawings so very often just colour bits. I'm including one or two totally colour-free ones and a few in which the colour really did improve the line drawing (I think). Sometimes I'm sorry I used colour! Sometimes the camera distorts the background colour so badly that I cannot correct it without losing the contrast.

This morning I photographed 38 drawings done recently. I need a better camera or better still a large scanner. All these drawings are A3. I gave up doing smaller ones and now have a huge collection of A3. But I'm not planning to stop! I took up drawing because I have nowhere to put any more paintings on canvas and I get very frustrated painting on paper. The doodles are really a compromise - or are they just occupational therapy?

I stayed at a hotel in Berlin where they had doodles decorating the walls of the rooms. I photographed one and tried to draw it. It really was difficult to get it to look like the original, but it was fun trying and I did not vary very much! I've tried to copy my own drawings, but found it impossible to dso the same design twice. Below the Hilton drawing is one made of selected motives from various Kandinsky pictures. It is not a copy of one of his paintings. I had fun chosing bits and will repeat the experiment. I also want to try a MirĂ³ design.

Hilton decor (approximation)

Improvised doodle on selected Kandinsky elements