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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Taking lines for a walk (after Paul Klee?)

I've joined a doodle site HERE There are some truly magnificent doodles to be admired there - not just pen, of course, but paint, cartoon, illustration etc Doodling is a wide definition and includes pattern drawing, which I enjoy, and line-drawing, which I always come back to (no patterns - just lines). It took me only a few weeks to leave the Zentangle scene not least because the format of about 9x9 cms is simply too small for me.

I admit to hanging around Zentangle sites but getting annoyed at the patronizing tone of some people who think they invented drawing and patterns etc, but plagiarize nature and other art forms for patterns they then declare as original or/and "deconstructions". The idea of steps / step-outs is of course a good one. Fathoming geometric patterns is sometimes difficult -finding the quickest way of getting the effect can be a real puzzle that Zentangle proponents are good at.

Pinterest has thousands of "pins" you can look at for pattern examples withut going anywhere near the Zentangle community. Dedicated Zentangle addicts are often scathing about the word "doodling" - I can't think why because some stupendously talented people doodle away quite happily (and are not restricted by various does and don't imposed by the Zentangle addicts - I'm not going to recite them here).

I have been doodling, scribbling, drawing - call it what you will - for a long time. I'm going to make a big effort to publish some new work here, though I think the last post or two are up to date. I now have a mouse scanner that can deal with A3 paper (= double letter-size), which is my preferred size and the largest for which I can get a show-case portfolio. Anything bigger becomes difficult to transport or even preserve.

I have just decided to do a series with frames drawn free-hand and will post one or two of them soon. Why frames? I'm intrigued by the idea of breaking out of a designated format. Look in again soon for some examples!