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Monday, 10 July 2017

Framed doodle art

It's not what it sounds like in the title to this post and I'm not sure I'm too keen on pencilling in the frame before I've started some kind of doodling. That's what I did for this one. The mouse scanner would not 'eat' the left lower corner. I gave up in the end - as you see. The format of nearly all my drawings is A3 (double letter size). I have two hates - one is tiny drawings (e.g.9x9cm) and drawing books with ring binders that always seem to get in the way.

I have now managed merges of these drawings (on the right). The colours are better on the mouse scanner! I must get myself an A3 scanner (I'll atart saving today!)

framed - slightly better scan!

I really should decorate the frame but I got tired of the drawing and moved on. The mouse scanner more or less coped because there was lots of white space that takes almost no memory, but I can see that I did not quite straighten the result. For reasons best known to itself the scanner scans wonky however you hold it. I think it's meant for little printed items.

framed by the frame - accidentally!
better scan but colours not really right
Above is a drawing I really like from the colour angle, but my mouse scanner could not cope. I was sober!!!!! I'm not sure quite how to get this scan in with the mouse. I don't think I can since the scanner only has limited memory and it stops when the memory is full. I'll add a photo of this drawing showing it in its fully glory without the wonky frame even if the frame has a charm of it's own!!! An attempt to do a merge failed because you cannot define the size of the scan and getting the bits in exactly the right proportions was too much for me - let alone the scanner. I could attach my old scanner and do digital merges, I suppose. In fact, I'll do that today, though the scanner is attached to a printer that will not work and has therefore been given its own small corner in which to languish. 

The mouse scanner likes black and white because it takes less storage. It digested the mild pink dots done with a pencil. I think the scanner has a permanent aversion to the kiddies' gel pens I use on lines. I often use the brush end of tombows for larger areas. The drawings are done with indelible graphic pens.

pink dots